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Apr 2, 2015

What is Going on at HP?

HP is adjusting its cloud strategy:
  1. The PTL for TripleO (OpenStack on OpenStack), the OpenStack installer, stepped down (the new PTL is from Red Hat);
  2. The hardware dedicated to TripleO testing and development has been repurposed;
  3. New releases of Helion with Eucalyptus.
Clearly HP is betting that Red Hat can do a better job of developing TripleO so that they can refocus their resources on other projects and initiatives. Given the news of new integration features with Eucalyptus, it's obvious we can look for a stronger hybrid cloud play against VMware and Microsoft.

Of course this begs the question of what the longer term strategy will be and whether HP will stay the course with open source or fork parts of it to maintain proprietary control over the integration points with other HP software products.

Time will tell.